22 Week Pregnancy Update!

This video is a few days delayed- It was filmed on Wednesday, July 22nd. And is being uploaded Monday, July 27th.

Information is all below. Question? Be sure to check the bottom bar first! 🙂

•My Vlog Channel:

••Instagram & Keek: Purplekisses1110
••Twitter: HPurplekisses
••SnapChat: Purplekiss1110

If you recreate one of my looks or have a question, be sure to use my hashtag #Purplekisses1110 so I can see it & give you a shoutout! 🙂

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-Watch my Review here!:

-My Updated Makeup Collection & Storage! 2015:

•My 2015 Makeup Room Tour!

•My Heel Collection!

•Urban Decays Vice 3 Palette & Swatches:

•Camera Used for filming?:
Canon t3i
•Editing Software?:
iMovie / Final Cut Pro
Dimming Diva Ring/ Natural Lighting
•Where I get my music?:
I download a lot of instrumental/cover songs- non copyrighted.
Youtube also provides songs you can use.


If you are a company and you would like me to review a product(s)- please email me at [email protected]

**This video was not sponsered!**
All of my opinions are my own. If there is ever a product that does not work well, i will be sure to be the first one to tell you! Honestly! If you have any holy grail products that you love- please share! I am always wiling to try new products! 🙂

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